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Maxidix Wifi Suite can help you manage Wi-Fi connections
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Maxidix Wifi Suite can help you manage Wi-Fi connections. The tool has a nice straightforward interface, in which tabs compartmentalize information in a very convenient way. The Home tab shows general information about available networks, hotspot status, automatic connections, network interface and data transfer flows. There are other tabs for administering networks and connection profiles, showing statistics, managing a hotspot, creating an ad-hoc network and setting preferences.

For me, the possibility of starting an ad-hoc connection automatically is really great. I used to do that a lot, but the latest Windows versions (8 and 10) no longer allow doing so. Instead, I was forced to set the ad-hoc connection through the command line or use a hotspot. Talking about hotspots, Maxidix Wifi Suite is also great at creating one. In this respect, it allows you to establish a password and the top number of simultaneous clients. It is also good to know that it can let you share your Internet connection by just clicking a checkbox.

For a successful administration of your network, you need information. Maxidix Wifi Suite can provide you with all the data available about your network interface, profiles, quality of the signal, etc. Moreover, it can successfully geo-locate you using Google´s geolocation. Finally, it can help you monitor real-time statistics about Wi-Fi and Internet data transfers.

According to its developers, this application can minimize the time necessary for connecting to a network compared to that required by Windows. I couldn’t tell exactly how many times faster this was, but I did notice that the network connections became operational sooner.

In a world where wireless connections are becoming increasingly popular, Maxidix Wifi Suite appears as an essential application. Of course, there are other similar programs, but Maxidix Wifi Suite offers far more features.

Pedro Castro
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  • It is easy to use
  • It allows creating ad-hoc connections
  • It allows administering a hotspot
  • It can connect very fast


  • It cannot be administrated remotely
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